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Something More About Me...

Well, maintaining a blog looks harder than I thought, but this is another attempt to keep it alive.

I'll say something more about me, just to break the ice: I live in Italy, I am a software engineer, and my current employer is a company whose main products are related to finance.
I'm currently working to maintain and to evolve the brokerage platform of one major italian bank. After developing it's main core components, I had the honor (?!?) of being promoted (!?) as responsible of any technical aspect of that platform. This is what I do during the day. It includes a lot of things other than coding, and I am not alone.

However, this is not what this blog is about. This blog is about what I do in my spare time. And in my spare time, I like to learn new things.
It may sound weird to the most of you, but after working like 10 hours per day, I like to sit in front of my laptop and try new things (or read technical books).

I has always been interested in mobile (as you may notice in one of the previous posts), and in the last year I started learning android development, I bought Reto Meier's "Professional Android Development" in January and I published my first app in June. It's quite a slow process, I know, but it was all done in my spare time (and I do sport, and I have a girlfriend as well).

The next posts will be more technical, and will mostly involve android development.
Hope somebody will take advantage (or correct) and enjoy them.