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PegDroid - Android Simple Game

I just released a new game. It's (yet another) version of the popular solitaire game. I thought its name was "Chinese checkers", but it looks like it's most common name is "Peg". Anyway, it didn't take (too) much to develop it, I really enjoyed learning something about the powerful andengine framework, but I am still proceeding at a slow pace since I can work on android only after my daytime job.

I am releasing it with ads, but in any case I think I will update the sources on github very soon. Now it's quite late and I'm afraid to make some mistake.

Good points: the framework and the assets. I think my favourite designer (yes, still my gf) has done a good job in drawing all the assets. Very far from what I would have been done alone.

Another thing I tried to include in this app is google analytics. I can see which are the most played boards, and who downloads my app. I must say I am pretty curious.

Next time I promise to post some technical stuff, for example how I handled andengine stuff in a more structured way in my new app.

I will end including the demo video of PegDroid down here: