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A New App - Android Kitchen Timer

Pastimer is my 4th app. It's a simple (but nice) Android Kitchen Timer based on barcode scanning.

I learned some things during my journey of android development, but this time I wanted to focus on user interface and ease of use.

As always, it starts as a simple idea, the you start putting some code in it, it's "almost" working, and the difference between almost working and finished, is something like two months or more. I let it alone for more than two months.

However, now it almost ready to be released, and it will very soon.

The idea behind it is very simple.

You point the barcode, the app looks in its internal database, and if it does know the time associated, starts a timer. If it does not recognize the barcode, it prompts the user asking to put the data.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? You can give a look at a couple of screenshots here Android Kitchen Timer