December 27, 2010

DroidAlone - Opensourced

I released DroidAlone on the market in the early summer. You can find a description at the following url DroidAlone - Missed call for Android
It is a paid app, and it costs something like 0.99 euros. It has been downloaded something like 150 times since then.

I also had some issues in choosing its name: at first it was homealone, but I was afraid to Mr Culkin knokin' to my door for royalties, then it was phonealone but there was already one, and then it moved to DroidAlone. So what I suggest you is to look for your name after you choose it: you won't have to change everything just only because you discover too late that somebody else chose the name before.

However, today I decided to release its source files on

Why did I choose to do that? After all I spent some time working on it, and I think it's a quite nice application.

Well, first of all, I must be honest. The money I am getting from it is not that much, and I don't think releasing the sources will affect my sells in a negative way. Even if it gets more popular, it would be quite hard to stop piracy. Finally, this is not my primary job, so I don't depend on it for living.

Apart from this, there are other reasons. One of them is that the only code I wrote and made public is the one from geotagger. It was my first experiment on android and with java as well. I think I got slightly better with droidalone, and I wanted to show it.

My android and java skills are still improving, but since I am now working with other people it will be hard to opensource the stuff I am working on now (and please remember I do android only outside my daytime job).

So, I really hope it may help somebody, it has some nice stuff in it, like sms and call handling, and mail sending.

So, enjoy. I'd really love to hear feedback..

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