February 18, 2019

About me

Lead developer with electronic trading software by day, passionate about opensource. Used to write a lot of code in my spare time. Now I am a dad and you know where most of my spare time goes to. But I keep trying!


I’ve done a lot of Android in my spare time. It was kind of a second job. I started when AsyncTasks where the way to interact with a background thread and Eclipse was the official IDE, up to when architectural patterns like MVP and MVVP took their way in the Apps, together with RxJava and Dagger (2). I Also wrote some Kotlin.

In the past year (2018) I stopped working on Android and I spent the (little) spare time I have learning Go and distributed systems stuff.

Opensource Contributions

I’ve been contributing to Firefox for Android intensively (2013-2014). Since summer 2018 I am contributing to Athens, the proxy for Go dependencies.

Public Speaking

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