February 18, 2019

About me

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, passionate about opensource. Used to write a lot of code in my spare time. Now I am a dad and you know where most of my spare time goes to, but luckily I found a job that satisfies my needs :-)


I’ve done a lot of Android in my spare time. It was kind of a second job. I started when AsyncTasks where the way to interact with a background thread and Eclipse was the official IDE, up to when architectural patterns like MVP and MVVP took their way in the Apps, together with RxJava and Dagger (2). I Also wrote some Kotlin.

In the past year (2018) I stopped working on Android and I spent the (little) spare time I have learning Go and distributed systems stuff.

In 2019, I joined Red Hat to work in the kubernetes ecosystem. I am part of the Telco 5G network team, where we contribute to OpenShift with features that make it possible to run telco workoads on an OpenShift cluster.

Opensource Contributions

I’ve been contributing to Firefox for Android intensively (2013-2014). Since summer 2018 I am contributing to Athens, the proxy for Go dependencies. In early 2020 I was made contributor of Athens.

Public Speaking

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