About me

Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, I work remotely (from Pisa, Italy) as a member of the Telco 5G networking team. As part of my job I contributed new features to a variety of projects in the kubernetes ecosystem, such as the container networking plugins, the SR-IOV operator, OPA gatekeeper, OVN-Kubernetes, more recently MetalLB (and many others).

Before that, I was working for List implementing mission critical distributed systems in the field of finance first as a developer, then in a leader role.

I am currently maintaining the MetalLB project

When I don’t write code or chase my kids I am probably running or baking pizza.

Opensource Contributions Link to heading

  • Firefox for Android
  • Athens (the Go dependencies proxy)
  • KubeVirt
  • SR-IOV network operator
  • OVN-Kubernetes
  • Opa Gatekeeper
  • CNI Plugins
  • MetalLB