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Mobile Game Development

Another thing I always wanted to do was game programming. Moving objects and interacting with the game, as well as having fun with them, gives great satisfaction.
I think the fun part is that you have immediate feedback of what is happening, it's just not like filling an edit text and pressing a button (or server side programming).

Given that I am spending much of my spare time in (trying to) learning mobile development, I tried to merge the two things, and I came across to andengine framework.

Andengine is an opensource framework for android game development, and it comes with a lot of nice features like physics and automatic scaling. I started developing my first game in January, and it's a simple peg solitaire. It's almost done but it still need to have some gui polishment (I mean I still need to have all the assets done :-) ), in any case it was a nice start. If anybody is interested, the sources are available under apache license on my github repo, which is

Andengine is quite powerful, but it's main weakness is its lack of documentation. However, if you are brave enough you can look at the sources, and there is a nice forum where the author and other people give a lot of support.

Next steps:

One thing I still need to learn very fast, is how to perform unit tests in a game development environment, I already found a couple of links but still need to read them.

Once I feel comfortable with TDD on games, the next step (but I am moving very slow) will be to try to implement some kind of multiplayer game (or at least a one vs one game) using all the appengine stuff I learned during my experiments.

I will be posting again when I officially release the peg solitaire game.