It’s been a while Link to heading

It’s more than a year since my last blogpost which incidentally (or not) it happened right a month before the birth of my second child. In the past year I lost a lot of sleep, and now I am kind of getting back to normality (which means new side gigs :-)).

My interests moved from Android and mobile in general to Go and distributed systems, which is what I am probably going to write about in the next blogpost. Still, I am not sure if the green robot will catch my attention again but at the moment I am focusing on Go.

That’s the reason why I replaced the name of the blog to a more general one.

A lot of interesting things happened: Link to heading

I attended conferences: I went to QCon London and to Gophercon London.

After the experience of speaking at Droidcon Italy 2014, I re-started speaking in public:

The last one was an awesome experience where I had the chance to speak in front of an international audience and meet so many interesting people.

I started contributing to a Go OSS project, namely Athens, the proxy for Go dependencies. It’s nice to have a way to give something back to a thriving community.

What is coming next Link to heading

Blogposts! I will probably write about the same stuff I spoke at golab, and keep blogging about Go and distributed systems.

Keep tuned !